Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly: A Clash of Two Careers


Spencer Gustafson, Sports Editor

Guess who’s back, back again. After five years of being out of the media, the Real Slim Shady (Eminem) finally stood up. The critically acclaimed rap artist has brought his music back into the light with his latest surprised album, “Kamikaze.” The world renowned “Rap God” discusses his displeasement with hip-hop music today. The biggest attack on the album was against Machine Gun Kelly, a rapper with an up-and-coming career, or at least it was…

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, or “MGK,” have been feuding for several months now. However, the “beef” has been known to date back to 2012 after a tweet from MGK talking about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie. The rap battle begun in August when Kelly released the song “Rap Devil.” He disses Slim Shady for almost five minutes straight, commenting on his new look, his failed albums, and rap career as a whole. This coincided with the sudden release of “Kamikaze” where Eminem sneaks in a rebuttal to Kelly on the song “Not Alike.” He then released the single “Killshot,” which is still the number one song on Genius.com. Killshot was the largest debut in terms of views of a hip hop song in youtube history earlier this month. Not only did it have an explosive debut, but fans of both parties would say that “Killshot” ended the feud for good.

Eminem has been known to end rap wars in the past with artists like Ja Rul, Puff Daddy, Mariah Carey, or even his own friend Royce Da 5’9’’. He has now added another name to his list, Machine Gun Kelly. As far as beefs in the music industry goes, Eminem is the sole king of ending them. His fans were very pleased with him coming back at Kelly the way he did. They were also pleased with his critically acclaimed album, “Kamikaze.” It is safe to say that Eminem is back, back again.