Ariana Grande turns Bad Situations into Good Results

Bianca Falco, Viewpoints Editor

Feels like just yesterday we were watching Ariana Grande on our favorite Nickelodeon shows playing bubbly Cat Valentine. However it has been almost four years since she worked with the network, and in that time she has had experiences that would affect her life forever.

Ariana performed at the Manchester Arena in the U.K. which unfortunately ended in 23 deaths due to a suicide bomber on May 22, 2017.

Ariana’s ex, rapper, Mac Miller, killed himself by an accidental overdose on September 7. Millions were sad, including Ariana, however she was blamed and accused of making him feel alone and depressed.

Ariana and Pete Davidson had officially made it public that the rumors were true and they were dating on May 18. The couple seemed very happy together and a month later, they posted on social media and made it public they were officially engaged. Many  fans were happy for the couple, though some doubted the relationship. The ones that doubted it were soon proven right, they split up and went their separate ways in October.

Ariana has however not stopped doing what shes loves, she came out with her most recent album, Sweetener, in August. The album includes 15 songs, more than 5 of them making it on the top 100 board. A song featured on the album is named after her now ex fiancee, “Pete Davidson.” And just when we thought that was enough of hearing his name from Grande, she released her newest hit “Thank You, Next” which is about her exs and how she’s going to focus on and love herself. The song was released unexpectedly early November, and the music video was recently made and already has more than a million views. Most would agree with me when I say she has kept her image while still managing to make her music more mature which is not easy to do.

With all the negativity and pain Grande has had to deal with, she has turned to music to help her and did amazing things with it. She always has a smile and holds her head up high and is a great role model for all her fans and supporters.