The Best Artist You’ve Never Heard Of

Spencer Gustafson, Reporter

The music industry today is known by the teens of the world to be oversaturated with soundcloud rappers, and the underground industry coming into the light. However, there are still core artists everyone can recognize: Kanye West, Adele, Beyonce, or Drake. There is one man that has the talent to be in this category of memorable musicians that is unknown to the majority of music listeners. Frank Ocean is the best artist you never knew existed… But why?

Christopher Edward Breaux, or “Frank Ocean,” is an R&B artist that is well respected in the music community, but not recognized by the average fan. In the five years of Ocean’s official music career, he has several Grammy awards for best Urban Contemporary Album, and best rap/sung collaboration on a song in 2013. He was nominated for album of the year, with his project “Channel Orange,” and record of the year as well. Overall, he’s been nominated for seven Grammys; so why does no one know his name?

Ocean has been known by his fans to be very secretive and keeps his life very private from the public. For example, his last public interview was in February of 2018 with NME Magazine. He doesn’t go on tour nearly as much as most mainstream artists, with only one tour around every four years, it seems. Since his last critically acclaimed album, “Blonde,” was released, Ocean has been hidden away from the public eye, the paparazzi, and the music industry. He has had an out of character 2018, however. This year, he released several singles, without warning, for his fans to enjoy. He released a cover of the famous “Moon River,” “Provider,” and arguably the best one of them all, “Biking,” featuring Jay-Z, and Tyler the Creator. He was also featured on songs with Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky. With this being a surprisingly big year for Ocean, could there be more to come from him in 2019? Or, will he go back underground without a word spoken?

Frank Ocean is revered as one of the best R&B artists of his generation, yet no one recognizes the name. He is reserved, yet loyal to his fan base. He cares about the music he creates, just as a mother cares for her children. His name will most likely go down in history as the greatest artist you’ve never thought to listen to. Hopefully, his name comes into the spotlight quickly, and it never leaves the conversation.