Students Love It but Parents Don’t

Juliana Cupelli, Reporter

Call of Duty? Grand Theft Auto? Minecraft? Where did they go?  Fortnite, the #1 game right now, is taking over all of the gaming systems worldwide. From xbox to playstation to PC’s to your own mobile device, Fortnite is probably on screen right now. Fortnite is a combination of multiple games. It combines Call of Duty’s competitiveness with eliminating other players and Minecrafts ability to build.

With the battle pass Fortnite designed a way for gamers to challenge themselves within their own limits. Everyone’s one goal is to get to level 100 before the new season comes out. Players want a Renegade Raider, a Red Knight, an Aerial Assault trooper and even a Ghoul Trooper in their locker to interchange while they play. All of those are skins you can acquire by leveling up or purchasing in the item shop. Those are the most rare being in the high 80s and above levels, not everyone gets there. Once the new season comes out the battle pass changes coming out with all new skins, challenges, gliders and backpacks.

Though Fortnite is very big in the gaming community it isn’t very popular within the parental community. During summertime most people of all ages played Fortnite, but right now it’s mostly kids of ages 7-15. Many high school students are putting their devices down and focusing on sports and hanging out with friends on the weekends, so Fortnite is not a priority.