The Strokes 2019 Comeback

Shelby Dwyer, Reporter

As the new year has come around again, the annual Governors Ball lineup has been released as of this week. The three-day music festival that takes place on Randall’s Island is known for its gigantic array of different food vendors, live music, and one-of-a-kind location. As the lineup switches every year, festival-goers never know what to expect. For 2019, Gov Ball has brought us the greatest band of all time: The Strokes.

The Strokes, which are one of the most powerful American indie-rock bands of the late 20th century into the early 21st century, came together in 1998. With five studio albums, 2 EP’s, and 12 singles, The Strokes have been putting out music since day one. Lead by Julian Casablancas, The Strokes rose up quickly into fame for good reason. From their debut album, ‘Is This It’, to their most recent EP ‘Future Present Past’, The Strokes have yet to disappoint the music industry. One of a kind, The Strokes are unforgettable.

As the band has grown apart and separated onto their own paths, their fans have been fantasizing about the day they’ll come back on tour or release a new album. As of today, the last time they performed live in the United States was in July 2016. Governors Ball is going to be the first time since then, and their fans are already counting down the days to the performance. The Strokes performance this summer is not one to miss.