A Superhero Female Marvel Character Hits the Big Screen

Spencer Gustafson, Sport Editor

Since the announcement of the latest Marvel Studios film, Captain Marvel, back in July of 2016, fans have been torn. This alleged “feminist” movie is a historical moment in the film industry. CM is the first superhero film with a woman as the lead protagonist and many fans are excited about this feat. However, there are people out there who wish for the film to fail based on the campaign Marvel has put together to promote it.

In Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel is supposed to overpower all other Avengers, superheros, and supervillains. Captain Marvel has been a staple of the comic book universe since her inception in 1968. So, it would only make sense that a movie would eventually be made in the superhero era we are living in today. Yet, there are firm believers that this movie is only being made to make a statement in the film industry about women empowerment.

Marvel Studios’ President, Kevin Feige, along with lead actress, Brie Larson, have come out saying that Captain Marvel is indeed making an impact in the industry. Larson said that, “the very nature of this film means I’m having conversations that I’d like to have about what it means to be a woman” (Hollywood Reporter). A goal of the film is to inspire little girls all over the world to want to be like Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel’s real name).

Hardcore Marvel fans are extremely excited about the release of CM on March 8, optimistic about the potential it has to be great. However, there are a surprising amount of people wanting it to crash and burn. In February, Redstate.com published an article, “Brie Larson Is Giving Me Every Reason to Believe ‘Captain Marvel’ Is Going to Suck.” It goes into detail about how Marvel is selling out, letting political agendas conflict with the success of the winning formula they’ve had for the last 10 years. Hundreds of thousands of people are hoping for this article to be true, with millions of negative tweets, and posts on social media regarding the movie.

Marvel’s Captain Marvel is doing everything they can to promote a huge moment in film history, yet the fans are torn with how they’re feeling.