The Jonas Brothers Are Together Again

Grace Kane , Associate Editor

The Big news dropped on February 28 that the Jonas brothers are getting the band back together. They released a single on March 1 at midnight.

Fans all over the world were freaking out as the countdown for their new single was clocking down. “It makes my 8 year old self go woo and my 16 year old self go yeah,” says WHS sophomore Bianca Falco.

They shocked everyone by putting the “Jonas sisters” in the music video. Danielle Jonas, who has been married to Kevin Jonas for 7 years, Priyanka Chopra, who has been married to Nick Jonas for about 3 months and Sophie Turner, who has been dating Joe Jonas for about 2 and ½ years.

Sarah Benkovic, cousin of Danielle Jonas, says, “I am so proud of my 3rd cousin and her spouse. I would love to congratulate them on their new achievement of soccer. Go cuz!”

Their music video on youtube become #1 for trending a couple hours after its release. We are so excited to see what the Jonas brothers have in store for us.