“Game of Thrones” Oreos Fly Off Shelves, Cause Consumer Hysteria


Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

The popular television series Game of Thrones began its final season April 14, and with it came a collaboration with “milk’s favorite cookie.” As part of a promotion known as “Game of Cookies,” Oreo released limited-edition Game of Thrones cookies elaborately printed with “a dragon for Targaryens, wolf for the Starks, lion for the Lannisters, and a White Walker,” according to Chron. The cookies are sold in a special box adorned with GoT-inspired images, including a redesigned Oreo logo made to look like the GoT logo.

The Oreos are just normal Oreo cookies, albeit printed with Game of Thrones designs. Yet, fans went crazy over them, stocking up before they sell out. Within mere hours of the cookies’ release, they sold out on Amazon. Many angry consumers took to social media to express their struggle with being unable to find them in stores. One picture was posted to Twitter of a display in a store with a sign imposing a “one per customer” limit on the boxes of Oreos, as there had been numerous instances of customers buying numerous packs of cookies at the same time.

Pricey listings for the cookies online also popped up as a result of the hysteria. From boxes of the cookies costing $75 a box to eBay listings of a single cookie minus the cream selling for over $20, it’s clear that the cookies were highly sought-after by fans of the series and flew off of store shelves.