Netflix’s New Drama is “Unbelievable”


Claudia Corbett, Reporter

A new Netflix limited series has left viewers glued to their TV screens. “Unbelievable” is the perfect mix of dark and twisted drama.

This series tells the true story of a damaged young girl named Marie, who had been raped. Like many others who had gone through such a tragedy, Marie became overwhelmed and due to the pressure of getting the authorities to believe her, and ultimately gave up pressing charges. Marie found herself in a deep depression because people thought she had lied about the rape allegations.. While Marie’s life spirals, two female detectives in Colorado work to hunt down a serial rapist. What is so interesting about this case is that Colorado rapist’s behavior was very similar to what Marie initially said she experiences. The rest of the story is chilling and captivating. 

Not only is this series extremely entertaining but I found it to be very informative. This series has the power to have a very strong influence on today’s society. “Unbelievable” preserves the hard truths of what a rape survior may go thorough. Unfortunatley, rape continues to be a horrible crime. It is important for the audience to see the raw life of a rape victim. This series shows the many stereotypical misconceptions regarding rape. For example, the victim feeling that he/she can’t be honest about what happened, fear of feeling embarrassed and guilt. All of these things are misunderstood and need to be exposed. 

“Unbelievable” even shows how many rapists may cover up their attacks, and yields an interesting inside look at how detectives solve these types of crimes. Unlike many other crime TV shows, this one seems realistic. 

Whether you’re looking to watch something that will make you cry or something that will leave you on the edge of your seat, “Unbelievable” will do both. You will not leave your laptop. I watched all eight hour-long episodes in two days.