The Breakup Heard Around the World

Grace Kane, Editor in Chief

Breaking news: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have ended their relationship 

The reality TV show star and beauty queen, Klie Jenner, and singer, Travis Scott, had dated for years. They have a daughter, Stormi, together who is 2 years old. They have been through so much from world tours to reality TV to paparazzi to red carpet events. They have been a fan-favorite couple based on what we know about them. 

But it looks like they are having some trouble behind cameras the whole time. Yes every couple gets into fights but the fights they were having we’re over marriage and having more kids. Travis wasn’t ready but Kylie definitely was. She wants a commitment and siblings for Stomri. But Travis just can’t give that to her right now. 

Maybe Kylie is being unreasonable and rushing into things. Or maybe Travis doesn’t think she is the one.

Hopefully this couple can weather the stormi and get it back on track. Not just for their sake or their daughter’s but for the millions of fans who are craving those adorable family photos. 

One thing I can tell you is that if they don’t get back together, Travis’ next album  will either thrive or drown and we can thank Kylie for that.