No More Waiting Tables—Hit Broadway Show to Close in January

Juliet Watstein, Editor in Chief

“Waitress,”  a hit Broadway phenomenon is closing its curtains on January 5, 2020 for the last time. After 1,544 performances and 33 previews at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in New York, “Waitress,” directed by Diane Paulus, has officially been made the theater’s longest-running musical.

The show focuses on Jenna, the main character, working in a small town diner with her two core friends, Dawn and Becky. Their life is consumed with waiting tables, dealing with needy customers and a dismissive boss, all while juggling their own personal lives. Jenna deals with an abusive husband at home, while sometimes battling with his disappointment on her not making enough tip money. Their strenuous relationship heightens as a new event occurs in both of their lives. Jenna getting pregnant. To add to the mix, Jenna’s gynecologist is a handsome, quirky doctor and is worthy of her love.  All in all, the choices get weighed and fuel a dramatic plot. Jenna finds salvation and answers to her questions while baking her pies, using “sugar, butter, and flour,” which is the title of the opening song. 

The character known as Jenna starred Betsy Wolfe, Katharine McPhee, Nicolette Robinson, and Sara Bareilles over the four years it has been shown on Broadway. Sara Bareilles, a well-known pop-singer and songwriter, composed and wrote all of the pieces in the musical. In 2017, she stepped back into the spotlight and played “Jenna,” the star of the show. To say “Waitress” was a success, is an understatement. In 2016, after 10 months of showtime they earned its $12 million investment back. 

As a fun fact, this musical is the first to use a pie consultant. Since the actors and actresses deal with pie ingredients at each show, it was important to learn from a professional. Additionally, at every performance there are real pies baked for the purpose to fill the shelves along the sides of the stage. The best part is that the audience can order pie, so they can dine while they watch.

As someone who received $35 rush tickets at the door for standing room, I thought it would negativity take away from the remarkable show, however the actors kept me captivated and stole my breath away with each song. I highly recommend you go see “Waitress” and experience the love before their curtains close for the last time!