Rolling Loud Rocks New York

Meagan Magner, Reporter

Rolling Loud is a two-day musical festival that takes place every year, where a lot of popular singers and rappers perform. Each year there are a variety of new artists that go to Rolling Loud. From 2015 to 2018, rolling loud has taken place in Miami. This year, 2019, was the first year that rolling loud landed in New York.

Rolling Loud took place on October 12 to 13 this year. It featured many popular artists including Juice wrld,Travis Scott, Meek Mill, Sheck Wes, Playboi Carti and many more. I asked Olivia Corwin, a student at Wantagh High School who went to Rolling loud, and asked her how it was and what it was like.

 “It was really cool and fun and there were so many people there,” said Corwin. Overall, Rolling Loud seems like a really fun a cool experience and I hope I get to attend it in the future.