TikTok On The Clock

Bianca Falco, Reporter

Back in April of 2014, an app called Music.ly was released. However it wasn’t until around 2016 that it became very popular. 

The app gave you sounds and songs the users could lipsync, and make dances to. Though, the app’s “popularity” was limited and it was forgotten in 2017. 

The creators wanting it to give the app a comeback, renamed it in that time. It went from being Music.ly to TikTok. And just as summer of 2019 hit, TikTok made its “return.” 

Today, the app has about 50 million creators. On the app you can follow your friends, like each others videos, lipsync to songs, learn or create dances, and make your own sounds/videos. 

Many users have been so obsessed with the app they’d consider themselves “addicted.” A senior at Wantagh High School, Emily McNally, says she’s on the app for about 2 hours everyday. The average amount of time spent is around 52 minutes. Tiktok has been reported as very distracting to teens. A lot of their time they spend on tiktik, parents and teachers say they could be studying or doing homework. 

Many parents don’t agree with that statement and actually have joined the app themselves and create their own videos, too.