TikTok Rocks the Hype House Concept

Ava Kornbluth, Entertainment Editor

As TikTok becomes more and more popular, creators have been finding new ways to expand their platform, one of which is collab houses. The biggest creators on the app teamed up and moved into a mansion in Los Angeles where they create content together. They call it the “Hype House.” Ultimately made up of 19 members, including TikTok’s largest creator Charli D’Amelio with over 51 million followers, the group has revolutionized the business side of TikTok. 

YouTubers such as Jake Paul’s Team 10 house and the Clout gangs “Clout House” have commonly been known for creating these houses, but because TikTok has grown so rapidly, they have begun to do the same. The Hype House was the first and most populated one, but this inspired other content creators to do the same. Soon after the “Hype House” was made, the “Sway House” was created by TalentX Entertainment, who hand-picked six of the most popular male creators and put them into another mansion together. This house includes Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, and Kio Cyr. 

Between the Hype House and the Sway House, there is a lot of drama. Some believe it is publicity for each other, and others think its real competition. The two groups have gone at it for a while now, and the drama ultimately surrounds one of the Hype House’s largest creators, Lil Huddy, who is largely disliked by the Sway House. Josh Richards and Bryce Hall made a diss track against him, which currently has over 15 million views.

As new houses continue to be created, TikTok continues its upward trend of users each day. These houses gain followers for each member, making it a great way to expand their platforms.