Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween

Jack Bruno, News Reporter

Halloween – This movie doesn’t feature too much gore but kickstarted the slasher craze with the masked killer Michael Myers and sends chills down your spine. I would also highly suggest you go check out the newest movie in the franchise Halloween 2018, as it may appeal to people who watch only modern movies

Friday the 13th – A hockey-masked killer stalks teenagers in the woods. I recommend you watch Part 4 or Part 6.

A Nightmare Before Christmas – A fabulous stop-motion film, with an excellent score. It’s one of Tim Burton’s best.  It’s also the perfect movie to watch in November! It’s best you just watch this one for yourself.

A Quiet Place – The only way to survive is to be quiet… The majority of this film is done in silence; this one can leave you on the edge of your seat when a character bangs into something or accidentally speaks. 

Train to Busan – This is a modern zombie movie, but a fairly good one. I won’t say this is the best one and it is not even in English, which may turn some people off. But what makes this one pretty good is its characters; give it a shot if you have the time.

Evil Dead – This one is a bit more extreme in terms of the gore and violence, but it is nothing short of a classic. A group of teenagers going to a creepy cabin to only be attacked by demons: how can you go wrong? What makes this movie so great is how extreme and intense it can get.

The Invisible Man (2020) – Being chased by a killer can be scary, but a killer that you can’t see is more terrifying.  Would anyone, however, believe you if you said there is an invisible killer after you? This is pretty good for a modern horror movie as it doubles as a physiological film and slasher film.