A Somber Fate that Unlocked Life

Melanie Volz, Reporter

Caution: Lose all hope before you continue reading. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera portrays the beautiful journey protagonists Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio have on their last day to live. Yes, last day. 

In this parallel world, there is a service called Death-Cast, who calls an unsuspecting person to tell them that today will be their last day to live. Mateo and Rufus will meet by chance on an app, Last Friend, that connects Deckers (someone with twenty-four hours left to live) to each other. Mateo and Rufus are initially complete strangers; they also have very different personalities. Despite this, they promise to experience one last adventure together—to live a lifetime in a day. After numerous outings, Mateo and Rufus gradually learn the meaning of life through each other. 

The title forewarns of the inevitable ending of this novel, but the reader can’t help but to foster hope for an alternative reality. Silvera does a profound job at portraying the relationship between life and death, and more importantly, love and loss through Mateo and Rufus’s last day. In this heartwarming and heartbreaking novel, it inspires one to live life to the fullest. My tip for reading the novel is to look up the Instagram accounts mentioned in the novel to truly feel immersed in the novel and to be a part of a growing community!