The Return of the Shamrock Shake

Jack Bruno, News Editor

Each year for a limited time, something arrives at each Mcdonald’s that really shakes things up. Bad puns aside, I’m of course referring to the Shamrock Shake. Now, personally, when it comes to the rest of Mcdonald’s dessert menu, there is nothing that is really worth mentioning. But, during March, they come out with the Shamrock Shake and it immediately just catches your eye when looking at the menu. I personally think that’s why it has become so popular.

When you think about it, there is no real mint shake, at least not like the Shamrock Shake. You can try to recreate one, but it will never taste right. This is weird since the Shamrock Shake is actually just a vanilla shake with a shot of mint syrup. This works very well as Mcdonald’s doesn’t actually have to make mint ice cream to make the shake. 

The only time I’ve had a problem with this shake is sometimes the syrup isn’t mixed well and what you are left with is a mouth full of mint, which is most comparable to eating toothpaste, except the flavoring is so strong it almost burns. So if your shake is not mixed well, make sure to give it a stir. Other than that, I make sure to get a Shamrock Shake each year and its limited availability makes it all the more special. Make sure to get one before they go!