WandaVision Review

Jack Bruno, News Editor

One thing I always appreciate about Marvel is its ability to slow things down and give us smaller stories. This gives the audience time to relax. Not every movie needs to be as big and important as Avengers.  They definitely have realized this since, after every release of a big Marvel movie, they tend to make their next movies much humbler.  Antman, which followed the release of an Avengers movie.


Wandavision is definitely in tone with the follow-up movies as it is a very self-contained story that still takes place in the MCU. In the first few episodes, it has you questioning what you are watching as Wanda Maximoff and Vision (who died in a previous film) are suddenly thrust into a 1950s era TV show. With each episode though the era of television changes. I wouldn’t say their portrayals of the era of televisions are accurate but more of a love letter to them as it still has its own story to tell.

Despite the cutesy old television style, the show has a deep, darker story beneath it all and with each episode, more and more is revealed to the audience. Then, towards the end, it goes full Marvel full of great action and world-building. If you are a fan of Marvel and watch the movies, this is a series that you don’t want to miss. It not only has a great story, but it also contains necessary plot elements that you will need to know for upcoming MCU episodes. You can currently watch Wandavision on Disney+ and it is a total of nine episodes. I recommend not binging and allowing space in between episodes to have you guessing of what will come next. Give it a watch!