Adele’s Release of “Easy On Me”

Sierra Kenny, Reporter

October 15, 2021 marked the day Adele breaks her 6-year streak of silence with a single titled “Easy On Me.” Along with this announcement came the confirmation of an album that fans had suspected was in the works. 

The suspicion of a possible release came when random signs were appearing with “30,” in the “Adele font.” Additionally, an announcement revealed the change in the rerecording date of Taylor Swift’s album, Red. When this news was announced, fans jumped to the conclusion that Adele’s album 30 must be coming on November 19th, and on October 13th, Adele confirmed those rumors on an Instagram post. 

Then, fans wondered why the album was titled “30” if Adele herself is 33 -years old. Fortunately, she provided an explanation along with the announcement. She explained how three years ago when she was 30, she was in a very dark spot in her life; she went as far as to say that it was the year her life fell apart, but now, three years later, she is ready to share this music with the world.   

Adele’s music can be easily described as timeless, and this new single, “Easy On Me is no exception. Over a week later, this single still stands on the top of the I-tunes chart; Additionally, the song comes with a 4.5-star rating with 682 reviews, thus shattering Spotify records within the first 24 hours of being released. Ellise Shafer with Variety News had reported that “Easy On Me” had received 24 million global streams within the first day of the release. 

This single is just a sneak peek into what we will be getting from Adele on November 19th.