Wordle: Here to Stay, or Just a Fad?

Allie Frazer, News Editor

Is it best to start with “ADIEU,” “ARISE,” or “AUDIO”? This is a question asked by Wordle players around the school. 

Wordle is a game where you have to guess a word with five letters in it. You have six tries to solve for the word of the day. You start by plugging in any five letter word you want—experienced players suggest starting with a word that has three or more vowels to make solving easier. After you enter that word, the letters will either turn gray, yellow, or green. Gray letters mean that those letters will not be in the final word. Yellow letters mean right letter, wrong space. Green letters mean right letter, right space.

Now, there is a certain etiquette surrounding this game since it has risen to popularity. If you complete the game in the morning, you really shouldn’t say the word of the day until later that night. You have to give everyone an ample amount of time to take a run at the game. 

On the flip side, if you are someone who tends to play the game of the day in the afternoon, maybe think about playing it earlier. The other option is stay away from conversations about Wordle, because if the word of the day gets spoiled, that’s on you.

The popularity of this game is surprising because of the fact that there is only one word to solve per day. People are hooked on this game when they’re only playing for at most five minutes a day. But maybe that’s why it’s so popular. This is a low stakes, non-demanding game that is accessible to everyone since the only place you can find it is on the internet and not on an app. To find the game, simply search “Wordle” in Google, and the first link to pop up will take you to today’s game.

Due to its rising popularity, Wordle has just been bought by The New York Times. This brings about concerns about the game being placed behind the paper’s paywall, but The New York Times assures players that the game will continue to be free to play for new and returning users.

One reminder: the game was created in the UK, so some words may be spelt differently or may not be a word you use in everyday life, so don’t get too frustrated if you can’t solve the puzzle of the day.

Happy wording!