‘The Batman’ Review

Chris Pickford, Reporter

(WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

On March 4th 2022, The Batman was released worldwide. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman takes a new direction for the DC staple. Even after being delayed multiple times due to reshoots and Covid closing theaters, The Batman still entered theaters to different reactions. The Batman once again tries to make the franchise more realistic and darker, both figuratively and literally. Batman is played by popular Twilight star Robert Patterson. The Batman has been discussed because of its darker tone and possible new shift in DC success in movies. But what else is to be found in this film. In this review, we shall see.


The Batman takes place within the second year of the Batman aiding Gotham. A new force in the criminal underworld named the Riddler aims to slowly reveal all of the twisted roots of the city. A still young Batman must work with the police to stop attacks against officials and figure out the Riddler’s twisted acts and ways. This leads to conspiracies unfolding and hidden truths revealed. Only Batman and a few select allies can keep Gotham afloat and standing.


The Batman has been noticed with counting the trend of DC live action movies being dark literally and figuratively. The Batman is not afraid to show some characters dying and scenes of injury. The Batman also gives a much more realistic approach to Batman with most of Batman’s gadgets being possible to make in real life with the right resources with also some fantasy elements. The film is presented as more mysterious and heavily focuses on the detective part of Batman more. The Batman also gives more realistic development to characters, by having them show emotion in a realistic way. 

Overall thoughts:

The Batman gives a new direction for future DC projects. Firstly, this is one of the first Batman movies in over 40 years to not feature Bruce’s parents dying. The Batman also gives more room for future projects with its open ending in case DC feels like it. The Batman also reintroduces many different Batman characters like The Riddler and The Penguin. The Batman as well keeps a small cast of characters letting the film give them more depth and dimension.

Final thoughts: 

The Batman is a film about exposing truth and uncovering long forgotten secrets. The Batman has used its unique style to gross nearly $600 million at the box office. It shows that DC is willing to take risks and try new styles of film. I would personally rate it as a 8/10.