Top 5 Underrated Albums of 2021

Aidan Tracy, Reporter

  Many albums have been released this year, being a successful year for the music industry. We see big artists such as Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, and Drake release their hit albums of the year, but what about the more underrated artists? Well, they have released spectacular albums that have become some of my favorites listens of all time. Although they aren’t as popular, these are a few that everyone must give a listen to! (Which aren’t in particular order.)


 FKA twigs changed her style in this long-awaited album, differencing itself from her last record, MAGDALENE which was highly praised by many. FKA twigs certainly does not disappoint in the new experiment route that she takes. The record takes genres, especially hyper pop, and is given an extreme twist into the artist’s own style. 

Laurel Hell by Mitski

Mitski has always been praised as being one of the best alternative sad pop artists since her debut album, Lush. This album allows for similarity to be seen, but given a twist. Her albums remain vulnerable, and Laurel Hell is no exception! Mitski’s lyrics and instrumentals allow for it to be visually perceived by the listener, and definitely is worth listening to.

 Year of the Spider by Shannon and the Clam

Shannon and the Clams are an indie band with members Shannon Shaw, Cody Blancard, and Ian Amberson. The album brings a new taste into the garage band, indie type music with every song having a distinct sound and voice to it. It has some elements of old rock as well and is definitely a great listen!

Blue Banisters by Lana Del Rey

My personal favorite, Blue Banisters, was released in October of 2021. It was Lana’s second album of the year. If you like Folklore or Evermore by Taylor Swift, this album is perfect for you! This would be Lana’s eighth studio album, having a changed style throughout the years from alternative pop, soft rock, hiphop, and anything in between! This album dips into the pools of mellow and folk type music, which is why it’s one of my favorites!

I Know I’m Funny haha by Faye Webster

This is one of the most underrated artists in my opinion. Faye Webster released I Know I’m Funny Haha in the early summer of 2021 and dives into the stages of love. From her describing her affection to her significant other and the life she wants to have played out for her, to the sadness love can bring to one, this album will definitely be one of my favorites for a long time.