Literary Apps That Every Reader Needs

Haley Fahey, Reporter

In recent years, apps like Tiktok and Instagram have succeeded in advertising various books through unofficial subpages within the apps, namely BookTok and Bookstagram. Within these groups, creators have demonstrated their love of literature to an audience who might have otherwise not have been exposed to it. This new era of content creation within the bookish world has brought forth a new generation of readers, ones who may be unaware of the many apps available to them that can enhance their reading experience.

For starters, the first free app that all bookworms should have is called Goodreads. This app uses a social media style platform to allow readers to connect with their friends and the community regarding their latest reads. Goodreads has over 90 million users, which means that each book on the platform is filled with reviews and ratings from people all over the world. When browsing through the multitudes of titles, you are able to shelve books into three different categories: Read, Currently Reading, and Want to Read. These shelves you have created are then available for you to look at and add on to at any time, which is especially helpful for keeping your books organized. 

In addition to the large number of titles available to explore, Goodreads allows you to follow your friends and be updated on their latest reads. Everytime you finish a book, write a review, or add something to your Want to Read shelf, it appears as an update in your friends’ feeds. The Goodreads platform also includes a Yearly Reading Challenge feature, in which you can set a goal for the amount of books you want to read in that year. Finally, regardless of if you met your Yearly Reading goal, Goodreads will provide you with an end of the year wrap up containing various statistics on the books that you finished that year.

Two additional apps that are advantageous to new readers are Libby and Sora. These apps are digital ebook libraries, free to anyone with a library card. Sora can be used for both the WHS library and the Wantagh Public Library. However, the Libby app is solely for the Wantagh Public Library, and therefore might have some additional titles. What’s cool about both apps is that the ebooks download to your phone, allowing you to read offline. In addition, Libby and Sora allow its users to easily highlight text, make notes, and define unknown words. Although there is sometimes a waiting period on certain books, you are able to place a hold on them and the apps will automatically check a copy out when it is available.

To conclude, there are many free apps and resources available to readers that succeed in enhancing one’s love of books. Through access to digital texts, the ability to share and discuss literature with other readers, or the exposure to new books based on your interests, the platforms of Goodreads, Sora, and Libby aid in fulfilling the desires of both new and old readers.