2022 Year in Review

Chris Pickford, Entertainment Co-Editor

2022 has so far been a mediocre year, but luckily there has been a surplus of great shows and series to fill the need of fantasy in the world. Multiple shows had their own conclusions and some broke or reached records. Many new and intriguing series have also been released. 

Multiple shows have entered 2022 and have gone strong throughout. One of the biggest hits of this year would have to be Stranger Things season 4. Split into two parts let discussion of the show let it see constant interest with people during the summer. Stranger Things season 4 as well had people looking back onto old songs like running up that hill and a general cool 80s vibe while setting up dangerous new threats. Another massive show that continued through 2022 was Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2. The show managed to reach the highest watch rates of any anime through 2022. The show continues with its timeless themes and conflicts which left fans rumbling in their seats. One of the longest going franchises to conclude this year was the final season of Better Call Saul. The final season shows the events leading up to the original Breaking Bad show. Better Call Saul is also able to keep viewers interested with its interesting and unique characters. One of the more mature series that went through 2022 was Primal by Genndy Tartakovsky. Primal is a show that has ancient history with many interesting characters. The show is also not afraid to show blood and gore so it may be enjoyed by those who have interests in bloody shows.

  2022 has also been kind to multiple new shows that have finally debuted this year. Some of the most interesting would be all of Marvel’s new Disney plus exclusive shows such as Moon Knight, Ms Marvel, and She Hulk. Marvel has released all of these shows over the year gauging interest from fans of the MCU. Each of these shows has a unique premise and have seen mixed positivity over their releases. House of the Dragon, the prequel show to Game of Thrones also released. It manages to try and remedy the disappointing ending of GOT while aso telling a new unique story. A new Disney plus exclusive was Kenobi continuing the story of Obi-Wan prior to the events of A New Hope. Kenobi is able to act as a nice bridge between the prequel and original trilogy of Star Wars. It has as well been able to revitalize interest in Star Wars after multiple negatively received movies and shows. One new anime that came to attention was SpyXFamily. The adapted manga uses an interesting found family dynamic between three characters as well as stellar action scenes . Each character is given ample time to shine within this new anime. 

In conclusion, 2022 has given us multiple new great shows and series to watch and has revived interest in others. We can only hope that 2023 is the same.