Gilmore Girls: The Perfect Comfort Show for Autumn

Brooke Minogue and Sarah Magoloff, Reporters

As autumn is approaching and we’re all settling in for the new school year, it is now the perfect time to start watching the popular 2000s show Gilmore Girls. Whether it’s your first time watching the show, or your fifth, this comedy-drama series never fails to be the perfect show for fall. The two main characters are named Loreali and Rory, a mother and daughter who are best friends and live in a small town in Connecticut. Season one of the show starts off at the beginning of the school year, when the leaves are falling and Halloween is approaching. Stars Hollow, the town the show takes place in, is full of autumn-themed activities for the residents of the town to participate in. The show gives  a comfy and cozy feeling, perfect to watch under a blanket with a candle lit in the comfort of your home. 

The show begins as the main character, Rory, is in her sophomore year of high school where she attends a fancy private school called Chilton. Rory is a straight-A student, and the show often highlights her intelligence, where there are plenty of scenes of her studying or reading a book. This aspect of the show is quite relatable to those who are academically involved in school, since we often see how Rory overcomes the stress of taking advanced courses. In earlier seasons especially, the show touches upon the hard work and determination it takes to maintain exceptionally good grades, as well as the rewards that come with it. For this reason, Gilmore Girls can be the perfect show to watch if you’re looking for something to motivate you during the new school year.

If you’re looking for a new Netflix show, you should consider Gilmore Girls. The interesting plots and relatable characters, along with the small-town aesthetic, make the series especially appealing for a high school audience and an ideal comfort show for many.