Halloween Ends

Chris Pickford, Entertainment Co-Editor

Halloween Ends directed by David Gordon Green is the newest and possible conclusion to the long popular Halloween franchise. Halloween Ends released on October 14th 2022 sees the conclusion to Laurie Strode and Michael Myers nearly 45 year history. Michael Myers returns to the big screen for the third time in this rebooted series starting in Halloween (2018) and continuing with Halloween Kills (2021). This movie also features the return of popular horror actor Jamie Lee Curtis. Halloween Ends plans to the conclusion to this arc of Michael Myers journey. Does it live up to this? Let us see.

40 years after Michael initial appearance and 4 years after Michaels return and his subsequent murders and disapearance, Laurie Strode and her granddaughter Alison have been living together still with Laurie seemingly abandoning her fear of Michael. One day Alison’s new boyfriend Corey begins acting suspiciously in Laurie’s eyes. She believes that he shares some qualities of Michael and may be dangerous. Laurie is proven right as Corey holds a horrible secret all while Michael in hiding, sits and waits for the perfect moment to return.

Halloween Ends serves as a true and fitting end to the Halloween franchise. The film dwells a lot on the theme of endings and new beginnings. With the Halloweens series main star Jamie Lee Curtis announcing her departure from the series, it is likely this film will be the last time we ever see the classic story of the original film continuing . Halloween Ends title is very fitting since it’s meant to be the true end of the legacy movie and its sequels. Unlike other mainstay horror series like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on elm street, Halloween is the only one to actually have a proper conclusion to its main story without implying the slasher will return.Halloween Ends is the finale and true ending for the Strode family and Michael Myers.

Halloween Ends is likely to be the end of the Halloween series and it does not disappoint. Jamie Lee Curtis once again does not disappoint, keeping a stellar performance all the way through. The character of Michael in the film is  also much more ominous with him waiting in the shadows for his moment to strike. The majority of the film is spent building up tension among all of the characters feeling uneasy as Corey’s secrets are revealed.

Halloween Ends lives up to its name as the true end of the Laurie Strode and Michael Myers saga. It shows how to end a series on a high note while satisfying long time fans. I would personally rate Halloween ends a 8.5/10.