OBX 3: A Revival of Summer Memories

Elizabeth Kirchner, Reporter

“From the very beginning, it was always Kooks…and Pogues” – John B. When the show Outer Banks first aired on Netflix on April 15th of 2020 it consumed America’s youth . Throughout the summer of 2020, everyone was racing to prove themself as a “Kook” or “Pogue”. Packed with summer nostalgia and intense plotlines, Outer Banks became an escape for everyone stuck at home during Covid-19. Season 2 followed quickly on July 30, 2021 garnering the same popularity and Season 3 has followed suit.

Outer Banks used its ability to relate to two social classes to reel in an audience to enjoy teenagers living in paradise, which we know, never comes easy. With all the twists and turns of the series we are left with cliffhanger after cliffhanger. With the main characters stuck on an island together, we were left to wonder how they are going to survive, but more importantly, how they are going to get their treasure.

Season three’s release is packed with thrill and suspense. We were introduced to a few new characters and had to let go of others. As the season went on we watched new relationships blossom and others break. The flashbacks provided the much needed nostalgia to the previous seasons.  Season three lets viewers watch the relationship between J.J. and Kiara grow,  as fans have been anxiously awaiting romance between the two since season 1. Their “slowburn” was perfectly timed and exceeded all expectations.

Some fans weren’t so enthusiastic about Season 3, some cited slight stunt double mistakes that might have changed their viewpoint on the characters and how they interacted with each other. Other fans believe that Pope was left out of the main parts of the show even though it was his ancestors he was avenging. Likewise, Clara Limbrey’s storyline seems to be cut out a little early considering her very big role in season 2. Many fans say that this season does not give  the same vibes as the last two seasons. 

Aside from the plot holes, this season was such a hit that they have been approved to start filming season 4. Left with a major cliffhanger, we are only left to wait and wonder what is to come to the Outer Banks Island in Season 4.