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“Peter and the Starcatcher” Flies into Wantagh Theatre

The weekend of November 17-19th, Wantagh High School Theatre put on a show to be remembered, “Peter and the Starcatcher”. This story, which is an adaptation from the novel written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, follows an orphan boy with no name and a girl named Molly Aster whose only desire is to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a full Starcatcher. 

Conflict is soon introduced to the story as Molly’s father gets kidnapped by the main antagonist, Captain Black Stache, in search of the famous starstuff, only to find that Molly’s father accidentally left it with his daughter and it is now Molly’s duty to get it back to him. 

However, Captain Black Stache refuses to let this happen, chasing down Molly and the orphan boy, who has adopted the name Peter.

The audience was left stunned as Peter was thrown into the ocean, and determined it is now his job to take care of the trunk full of the starstuff. 

In Act II, we meet several different characters on the new island, such as mermaids, the Mollusk, and a gigantic crocodile. This is the act Peter takes on the name Peter Pan. At the end, there is a sad parting between Molly and Peter as it is revealed that the starstuff has infected the island and Peter. He swears to stay on the island, which he names Neverland, with his two friends Prentiss and Ted, and a fairy companion. 

The cast took their final bow on Sunday, November 19th, giving the audience a show to remember. As always, Wantagh High School Theatre put on a spectacular production. So, to the students of Wantagh High School, if you see your theater peers in the hallway, congratulate them.

Peter Pan: Logan Schroh, junior

Molly Aster: Madelyn Hartmann, senior  

Captain Black Stache: Sean Hill-Hotz, senior