Is There a Fashion Show I’m Unaware of?

Jaclyn Weiner, Reporter

We need signs next to the bathroom mirrors reading, “Wash your hands, clean yourself up, and get lost.”  Being an average-maintenance and not-overly-pampered individual, many girls of the opposite nature create frustration inducing traffic, in the school bathrooms.

School clearly doesn’t stop the necessity of having to go to the bathroom.  With 1,180 students needing the facilities at different times of the day, it is rude and inconvenient for some to take more time needed than necessary in the in the restrooms.

Many girls spend excessive amounts of time standing in front of the mirror.  Is this a place of learning or is it a fashion show?  Some students need to be informed of the difference.

There is a fine line between wanting to look neat and pretty, and becoming obsessive.  Unless you tripped and fell on your face, I’m sure you look the same as last period.  Constant make-up reapplications, redoing the hair(that honestly looked fine before,) fixing the outfit, and many other tasks some find necessary, is just too much.  There have been times when I have walked into the bathroom, used the facilities, washed and dried my hands, and left, and the same person is still at the mirror the entire time.

Teenagers need to realize, no one is examining you, but you.  No one cares if you have a slight frizz in your hair, your make up isn’t 100% even, or your top is slightly crooked.  Either more self-esteem is needed, you need a reality check because of your obvious case of narcissism, or you need to get your priorities straight.

Next time a girl is in front of the mirror when I’m trying to get to the sink, I’m going to say, “Excuse me?  Is there some kind of fashion show that you are a part of, after this extended trip to the bathroom that I’m not aware of?  Or can I use the sink?”  Because honestly, I’ve had enough of this obsessive nature over appearance.