Parent Television Council: Over-protective of the Youth or Insane?

Jaclyn Weiner

The Parents Television Council, also known as the PTA, wastes the precious time of their lives and others. This non-profit organization spends their time keeping close eyes on everything that appears on television. Their goal is to censor anything that they view as indecent or immoral to their children.

Many of these shows aren’t even made for children in the first place. Shows such as “Family Guy,” an adult cartoon, are protested and persuaded against. This show is meant for people of an older age and the main purpose is to entertain with crude humor. Due to the PTA and other organizations similar, this show was cancelled multiple times, and brought back.

Through the process of debating on what should be allowed on television, between the networks and viewers, and the PTA, a great amount of time and energy is being wasted. Many feel this is a pointless battle.

Why is this battle against TV programs pointless? It comes down to asking the parents what they could be doing with this time, instead of censoring everything in your children could possibly view.

How about parenting? Using this time to set rules and boundaries to what your children are permitted to view. Make consequences for breaking these rules. Simply censoring your environment, instead of disturbing others’ views and stirring up drama.

Parents sometimes go too far with their points of views and censoring the lives of their children. Priorities need to be put in proper place and these parents need to bring their brains back down to earth.

Not everyone is going to agree with your views, and in many situations, the blame of what your child is viewing should be placed on you. Parents, focus on your children. Don’t be unrealistic.