An End to Bullying


Kathryn Eckartt, Reporter

We all know how dangerous bullying can be and we all know people who have been affected by it; but is there finally an end in sight to bullying? The Senate has passed a bill that is designed to stop bullying and make a healthier learning and living environment for children.

This bill would require schools to put into use an anti-bullying policy to prevent bullying in schools and on the internet. This policy would extend to the Internet even if the attack was made outside of school and not during school hours. In addition, the parents of both victims and bullies would be required to be notified and school officials could report events involving criminal action to law enforcement officials.

This would all be done as an attempt to stop current bullying and to prevent future situations from arising. Teachers and staff in schools would also be required to undergo training to recognize bullying and to learn how to deal and react to it.

This bill has been supported in the senate and the recent suicides of many children and teens who had been bullied have been used to depict the need for this bill. Two similar bills have been passed in the Senate but have run into issues in the House resulting in them not being passed.

Many people in the Senate feel that this bill will have no trouble being passed in the House and with these new measures there will finally be an end of bullying.