Ten things about twins you were too afraid to ask… or not

Kelly Eckartt, Reporter

Our school has a large number of twins, with myself being one of them. Some people are very straight forward with questions but others find it to be an awkward subject to bring up, so here are ten things you probably didn’t know about twins.

1) If female identical twins have children with male identical twins their kids will be siblings, not cousins. This is because the twins both have the same DNA so their children will have the same DNA.

2) Yes, we can feel the others feelings, so please stop poking us. No, if one of use gets hit in the arm the other won’t get a bruise but we can tell that something was wrong. We can usually tell if the one is sick before they have symptoms.

3) Identical twins have different finger prints. Finger prints have no connection to DNA it is determined by the individual person’s genes.

4) Before twin babies can talk sometimes they have their own languages. This is also known idioglossia. My twin and I did and apparently it freaked my parents out so much.

5) If identical twins are separated at birth they will grow up similarly. This is not truly known why but doctors believe it is because they were together for nine months, they feel that they will likely have similar life experiences.

6) There is no evil twin. If one of the twins is mean it is likely that that is just who they are and has no connection to the personality of the other.

7) Not all identical twins look alike and not all fraternal twins look different. The terms identical and fraternal apply to the way the child was born and their DNA, though most identical twin have very similar facial features.

8) There are not just the identical and fraternal twins there are actually seven different types of twins. Identical, fraternal, half-identical, mirror image twins, mixed chromosome twins, superfecundation, and superfetation. My twin and I are mirror twins meaning the egg split later than most therefore physically we are the exact opposite.

9) Twins actually do think alike. Studies have shown that identical twins have almost identical brainwaves, thus explaining why people think twins can read each other’s mind.

10) We don’t know what it’s like to be a twin we just… are. What’s it like to not have a sibling that shares a birthday with you or someone who looks exactly like you?