You’re Shy… So What?

Lindsey Cohen, Associate Editor

Many children, teens and adults are placed in vexatious positions occasionally and turn to their friends or phones to say “OMG THAT WAS SO AWKWARD!!!” but how do those feel shy and out of place virtually all the time?

Shyness is the tendency to feel out of place, tense or nervous during social encounters, especially with unfamiliar faces. Those who are affected severely by shyness have been reported to have physical symptoms, not just emotional problems. These symptoms include blushing, a racing heart, upset stomach and sweating. Often such extreme cases of shyness can result in withdrawing from all social situations, leaving those who are introverted incapable of communicating even when they’d like to (

While many will target at the “shy kid “in the corner, others will benefit from being surrounded by company of a more reserved nature. While applying to particular jobs, having vulnerability as a trait can be commended while working with the disabled or in the psychological field because others can feel more comfortable opening up to you. In a time of panic, the “shy kid” can be comforting to those around and by keeping quite can be extremely helpful in certain situations. Timidity can also be more an admirable trait. Even if you aren’t willing to approach them, the incomprehensible shyness seems to lure people in.