Attention All Seniors: Relax

Kim Persky, Entertainment Editor

It’s that time of year when stressed seniors are running around, trying to collect all their letters of recommendation and get their college applications in on time. Going through the process now, there’s one question I’ve asked myself that has made life so much easier. What do I want to spend my money and time learning about? Once I took that stance, instead of searching through lists of “Hottest Majors” and “Majors with Highest Starting Salary”, I was able to relax. Yes, it is important to be realistic and think about the future, but I realized I don’t have to know how I will spend the rest of my life at the age of seventeen.

I’ve spent hours upon hours scrolling through colleges’ websites reading overviews of programs, only to find myself tired and confused at two in the morning. Think about what might be interesting to learn about and how that could be applicable to a career. Even if that’s an impossible task at the moment, it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with applying undeclared. Often times, young adults go to graduate school for different programs than their undergraduate. It’s always possible to change majors and I am relieved knowing that I am not stuck anywhere if I decide I don’t like a program. So my advice is to relax and put some thought into the college process, but not too much. Remember that the four years after high school aren’t about knowing what you want; they’re about finding what you want.