Help Power a Bright Future

Kiera Fitzpatrick, Editor-in-Chief

Each year, the Wantagh High School drama department is allotted $400 to run its program. Each musical/play costs it 50 times that amount – $20,000. How do advisor Ms. Heather Romano and her students raise that kind of money when they are working up from nothing? It’s tight, but they manage.

Currently, the drama students are running around to put together Pippin. Pippin is set to show on February 9, 10, 11. Come see the hard work these students have displayed to put this show together as a way of supporting the drama department.

This year, they are commissioning an original work by Jonathan Dorf, a playwright. Right now, they cannot afford their annual trip that relates to the piece they have selected to perform. These trips and events include visits such as last year’s guest artist, Marty Robinson, the original Audrey II of Little Shop of Horrors.

The average royalties for a show are $2,000. Add props, costumes, set pieces, and other miscellaneous expenses. Again, the drama students wondered how they could maintain this program. While flipping through the pages of a magazine, they found their answer: The Clorox Power a Bright Future Contest. In a competition with plenty of other schools, Wantagh High School’s drama department relies on YOUR votes to help them dream for a brighter future. One vote a day, to power a bright future – with no charge to you.

“I believe part of arts education should be an understanding that this world is a business venture,” says Ms. Heather Romano, “However, a grant like this would allow us to better focus on art and not always talking about where the money will come from.” The lack of funding for the arts is devastating, and affects the ability for the true potential of the actors and actresses to arise.

The number of drama students is limited, but it’s a well known fact that the shows here are performances that could be considered contenders with those on Broadway. Beauty and the Beast, brought in a full house in the Wantagh auditorium. If given proper funds, the department wouldn’t have to panic about how they’ll provide the monetary means for their plays and musicals.

Maintain and grow the theatre program at Wantagh High School. Until December 7th, you can support the school’s drama department (so they can put on spectacular shows like Beauty and the Beast.) Text 44144 saying “Clorox8585” charge-free, once a day to do so, you have your phones glued to your hands anyway.

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