Meet Siri

Julie Goode, Entertainment Editor

According to recent info sent out by Apple, over 146 million iPhones have been sold in the world so far. With the newest release of the iPhone 4s this past October; Apple sold out its entire stock of the newest iPhone within the first weekend of the release. In Wantagh alone many switched over to the iPhone this year using an upgrade or even paying the full price. Known for their fast 3G network, dual-core A5 chip, 8 megapixel camera, the 8 to 64 gigabytes of storage and the abundance of applications available to download. It’s the phone of the future and Apple works everyday on new improvements for the next iPhone release. So what is so special about the iPhone 4s? That would be Siri, the newest iPhone’s most prestigious feature.

Siri is the world’s most intelligent voice command software assistant up to date. Originally, she was supposed to be released as an application available to purchase for any iPhone with the iOS software. But she ended up being only available for the iPhone 4s with the iOS 5 software. Siri has the ability to reply to anything you say to her. Siri can make calls, send text messages, emails, and tweets and read them aloud. She can schedule meetings, set alarms and reminders. Your wish is Siri’s command. Hungry? Ask Siri where you should go for dinner, a smoothie, coffee, or fast food. Ask Siri for directions, she works like a GPS and she’ll give you traffic updates. She can give you the current weather or the weather later in the week. Ask her anything and if she has trouble answering it herself, she’ll search the web for you.

Siri has the ability to understand what you are trying to say. Meaning you don’t have to say “Italian restaurants 11793 area” like you would if you were googling something. Simply just say, “I’m in the mood for Italian, what’s good around here?” Siri will pick up your location through Wi-Fi and find you a nearby Italian restaurant. Program Siri to know what you call your friends and family. Tell her that “Bob Smith” in your address book is your brother. Siri will store this information and next time you can just say “Call my brother”.

Siri is an amazing piece of technology in our generation. Not only does she make things easier when you’re driving, jogging, or just have your hands full, but she enables the use of cell phones for people with disabilities. Siri can be programed to notify you for anything that happens on your phone. A feature that’s very helpful to help the blind or anyone with bad vision. And she works with headphones, if you don’t want her speaking out loud.

Apple technology impresses us with everything they come out with. Siri being one of the most impressive so far. We can only imagine what will be the next big thing to be released into the world of technology but until then, get to know Siri and all her incredible features.