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Mini-Courses Make Good Impressions

There have been many firsts in Wantagh’s history this year – three cancelations due to snow, and now a three week English mini-course.

In the beginning of the year, students were asked to number from one to four in order of which course they’d like to take. These three-week classes are filled with students from all different grades, depending on who else has English the same period as you. There will be a long-term assignment due towards the end of the two weeks, which will be averaged into your 3rd quarter English average.

Of the courses that were offered, each were individually and equally fascinating, just like the people you’d learn about in Mr. Dubin’s course “The Most Fascinating People You’ll Never Meet.” Ms. Chowske teaches “Teen Chick Lit: Labels Laughter and Love.” It’s debatable that this course wouldn’t be the best course for “Men and Mutants,” but you’d have to pick up the “Art of Debate” with Ms. Magnuson in order to argue that. But all you men and mutants can take Ms. Tate’s crash course in comic books.

A “Teen Hero,” with Ms. Romano, wouldn’t get too flustered over “Lies, Love, and Loss” with Ms. Tepedino. Get your creative juices flowing with poetry and Ms. Arcuri, or write a song with Mr. Hampson. Naturally, Mr. Rafferty is teaching nature lovers, and Mr. Kravitz is teaching the sports fiction and biography. Personally, in “Mybook,” (Mr. Garey) Ms. Santamaria won’t have to use “mind control” on you to make you enjoy these courses.

English chair, Mrs. Chowske had been looking to add more electives and she wanted to have all students participate without affecting their schedule. Two years ago, she asked the department teachers what they’d like to teach and their creativity and passion for literature and English which created these courses. When asked what her favorite course was she said the idea behind the courses was to expand their minds in reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc. She doesn’t have a favorite – she wishes she could bilocate and sit in on them all.

There will be a student survey distributed at the end which will be the deciding factor in whether this will be offered next year, although Mrs. Chowske won’t be teaching next year because she’s also taking on the title of Director of ELA K-12.

Mrs. Chowske is extremely proud and beyond elated with the English department, they worked and researched to make this possible. Mrs. Romano and Ms. Tepedino rescheduled 1,000 students into their courses and made this process much smoother.

Mrs. Breivogel, our principal, sat in on quite a few of these courses. She loves the fact that the students chose these courses and can now enjoy English without the same old literature. One of her favorite courses is Mr. Dubin’s. It really held up to its title, to her. She has him give her the article on the new fascinating person daily.

So on the survey; tell the department what you really think about this idea, Junior Paige Miller who takes Mr. Hampson’s mini-course did. “It’s a great opportunity to get to experience the real technique in writing songs from a professional and seeing how everything ties together in the end,” she says about the course taught by Wantagh’s favorite lyricist.

“I think the mini courses were great for teachers and students,” said Mr. Kravitz. “It was a chance for students to learn from a different English teacher. Mrs. Romano and Mrs. Tepedino did a tremendous job with the scheduling and Mrs. Chowske did a great job making this happen.”

It’s inarguable that almost everyone is beyond satisfied with these courses. The English department will see their regular students back on March 15th with big bright smiling faces.