Do Genetics Lie?

Kelly Bender, Reporter

As we grow up our parents and teachers tell us not to lie, but as life goes on everyone lies. We all lie for different reasons, maybe we’re in a situation where we don’t know what to do, embarrassment, boredom, or maybe just because we can.

Thall shall not lie is the 9th verse of the 10 commandments. Is telling the truth that important in society anymore? In a glance, the American court systems have us swear on the bible, after the judge tells us “the evidence you shall give to the Court shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God”. And you must reply “I swear.” The words are said, but are they meant? Everyday citizens on the stand twist bits and pieces of a story.

In school students leave their classes making up allegations they are supposed to be in the hall going somewhere, but we know all too well their not. They leave and miss instructural time necessary. Students have exams, they forget about, so they cough on the phone, have their temperature rise, insuring they’ll be sent home. Forgery on a bad grade is something students do as either a fear of disappointment among their parents or a forgetful child. Students write answers on their hand for a test. What will this provide you in the future; knowledge is power, not when you cheat, because you are really cheating yourself.

On the streets we use fake IDs to get into clubs, buy alcohol, drive, etc. These laws were not made to imitate us, but to insure our well being. Over 6,500 minors, under 21 years of age have died in the year 2011, relating to substance abuse. Here in Wantagh we just closed a drug dealership. Drugs are estimated to kill about 15,000 people a year alone.

They say you define yourself, but with how common it is to lie is it now the only thing we know? I have yet come to meet a person to honestly say to me that they have never lied. Are we at fault or has it now become a part of our genetic makeup?