The Changing Seasons: What is with Mother Nature?

Katie Piscopio, Editor-in-Chief

Weather seems to be one of the few aspects of daily life that is somewhat predictable, due to its previous patterns and records that allow for analysis and prediction. If only we could say the same for the unpredictable, drastically changing weather that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. In the past few months, the weather has shifted from a mild winter, to a blazing few weeks of a “pre-summer” in March, and now what has settled back down to cooler temperatures that are surprisingly similar to the sad-excuse of a winter. Everyone seems to be enjoying the warmer temperatures that the winter and mainly the spring have brought about, yet few jump to speculate over how peculiar- and even somewhat scary- the negative effects the perfectly warm March will have on us once we reach July and August.

A majority of people all suffer from the same, universal problem once the warmer months come around: allergies. Spring brings about the blossoming trees and flowers, hence the streets, grass, and cars covered in pollen that is bound to produce sneezing. Due to the earlier occurrence of spring in the year, trees started blossoming earlier than usual. The high temperature is a plus, but even with the present cooler temperatures, we are still faced with major allergy issues- and won’t see any sign of them disappearing anytime soon. Outside alongside the pollen flies the swarms of bugs, moving about in the breeze just waiting for something- or someone- to land on. The mild winter and the altered seasons have brought about numerous mosquitoes and flies that are already buzzing around houses, biting, and swarming outside at night.

The mild, summer-like weather has been enjoyable, but along with allergies and bugs, we may also be doomed with unusual produce seasons for fruit and vegetables, droughts, and record-breaking heat waves that if possible, could beat the ultimate high of 104 degrees in New York City last July. Yes, the heat is enjoyable, but it’s frightening what negatives the climate changes could have on the environment in the next few years. What it comes down to is the debate over a cool winter or a humid, sticky, drastically high summer; some prefer the normal, yet many seem to be enjoying waking up and not knowing what weather they’ll be faced with outside.