A Thank You – Teachers, Friends, The Warrior

A Thank You - Teachers, Friends, The Warrior

Katie Piscopio, Editor-in-Chief

Flashbacks as a young, naïve freshman cloud my brain in these final weeks of high school. I wait impatiently as a senior experiencing her last school lunches ever, last time looking at the silly quotes on the wall, last time getting stopped at a standstill in the traffic-y halls. Waiting, waiting, waiting, and yes, the heartbroken emotions even come to my mind – the one that always spoke how it couldn’t wait to finally graduate- yet the excited and impatient feelings overcome my body also.

The same question has pained my ears the past month: Will I miss Wantagh High School? Truthfully, I’ve been waiting four years to graduate and finally get to experience the world. Not the non-diverse, sugarcoated Wantagh world; not the secluded life on Long Island; but the world that is filled with different people and different cultures. For four years, I dreamed of going to a school far away in a place completely different and out of my comfort zone. I’m not going to be the person who says now that it’s here I’m extremely upset and it all went so fast; for me, high school went at a perfectly good pace, and moving on feels right. When I think back to my classes and teachers of freshman and sophomore year, it feels like ages ago. Four years ago I never thought applying to schools and making a decision was ever going to actually come.

Despite the lack of air conditioning and the grueling walks through the jam-packed, pda filled, smelly hallways, there’s no other school on Long Island I’d rather go to than Wantagh. I’d fight to my death ferociously arguing with someone who believes they have better teachers at their school than ours. What will I do without Krav following Kiera around and me around, hockey talks with Widmann, Shapiro… well, just being Shapiro, Mr. Bogatz’s jokes and treat days, Mrs. Turner’s life lessons in World Lit, high-fives from Ruane, or hearing Colavita’s long-yet-insightful rants? (Which we all hate to admit, but he’s usually always right with his reasoning in debates- except that snake story was real!) Aside from being funny, cool, putting up with our senior laziness, and always being there if we need help, the teachers at Wantagh just make coming to school that much better because of their attitudes.

And then there’s the paper. Writing for the paper since 10th grade and getting to be a Co-Editor in Chief this year with the most amazing writer I’ve ever met, and who I’ve had the pleasure of becoming amazing friends with, Kiera Fitzpatrick, made my senior year that much better. Krav- you made my high school experience writing for the paper one I’ll never forget. You may incessantly bother Kiera and me about getting stuff for each issue, but without your persistence and dedication to The Warrior we would have never been able to put out as amazing issues as we did. No one has ever been so involved in my college decision (Hail to Pitt!) and as excited for me as you were. We’ve had so many good times in Journalism in the past two years… though we’ve failed to convince you that you can eat an Audrey creation without instantly gaining two pounds. Thank you for all of your hard work and time that you’ve put into the paper!

Last, I’d like to mention my two journalism buds. Kiera, I have no words to describe our time in journalism together. Reading your articles is an experience like no other; I am amazed each sentence by your wit, voice, and power you have in each word – power that is life-changing. You are so dedicated to making your work the best it can be, yet you’re so good at what you do that the first draft of every article already leaves me speechless. I’ll never be able to get a Starbucks tea or loaf at Pitt without thinking about you because we’ve spent the glorious past 180 days getting lunch there. It’s been so much fun being your “co-edity” and I’m sure no one in Hofstra can fill my spot either! Thank you for being my best friend, compulsive eating partner, and confidant. And Lindsey, Lbug, I’m so glad you got to join me and Kiera this year and fill the last spot in the trio. You are an excellent writer, and no matter what anyone says, your dedication towards bringing attention to anti-Semitism, religion, and world issues is truly amazing. I’m going to miss you and the Biebs so much next year but I’m sure you guys will do an amazing job as co-editors together!

Senior year was filled with the best experiences of high school. Will I miss Wantagh High School? I’ll miss all the little moments and the people that have truly made a difference in my life in the past four years, but I’ll never forget them.