Your Name is Your Most Powerful Possession

Danielle Hyatt, Reporter

“Your NAME is Your Most Powerful Possession”: the legendary phrase that’s branded throughout the halls of Wantagh High School. Ask any Wantagh High Alumni, it’s one of the key things they recollect about their four years of education here. It’s the catchphrase of every beginning and ending of any “get out of class” auditorium assembly, as well as the first thing you hear freshman year, to the last statement on senior graduation.

“Your name is associated with the actions and decisions you make,” said Mrs. Breivogel, Wantagh High School Principal. “And those actions and decisions that you make can never be taken back.”

When asked the question, what is the most important thing you will learn at your time in Wantagh, you hear a symphony of children reiterate the ever most famous quote. People will remember you for your actions, good or bad. “We put these quotes up for you kids to see, and hopefully take something from them,” said Mrs. Breivogel.

“I love the quote,” said Sarah Stephens, senior from Wantagh High School. “It makes me think about the decisions and consequences before I go out on weekends.”

If you look on the walls of the halls, you will see a variety of other quotes, all tying into the idea of respecting one’s self, character, and name.

Take time to read the quotes while you roam the halls. I understand there’s only a brief four minutes between bells, where sweaty teenagers flood the hallways all dodging to their next period, but read the quotes and really take the time to understand them. They’re there for a reason.