Lindsey’s Latest Line: Fall Edition

Lindsey Cohen, Editor-in-Chief

You can flip through style magazines, watch the stars on television, or just pop into Mrs. Magnuson’s room to see what she’s rocking. The eclectic views on what to wear flood this school every single day. But by the looks of it, the fall mode is colored jeans. This eighties-esque trend has been creeping its way into Wantagh’s “pop-culture” since last year. Blue jeans are a classic…a must have in one’s closet, but who doesn’t want to spice up a mediocre outfit? Denim jeans with a plain blouse is just too safe, but the added punch of color can make all the difference. Printed denim pants are also making a debut this year. Regardless of the color or pattern you pick, make sure it’s one you can really work. I’m fully aware that any pink or super bright hue is not for me…it just doesn’t go with my persona.

Some other trends to experiment with this season are the daring combination of grunge and girly. Key word: daring. But what is life without taking crazy fashion risks? YOLO. Mix a vintage band Tee or tank and pair it with an over-sized cardigan and a pair of floral jeans. Or do a test run with some studded threads or some bold statement pieces. The added hardware to a classic chiffon blouse will really show that you are all aboard the fashion train.

Find what’s right for you. The bottom line: leave the dungarees to your parents.

Stay fierce,