Variation Club Welcomes Freshmen

Jaclyn Weiner, Viewpoints Editor

It’s the second year Wantagh High School’s Variation has been a school board-recognized club. With the club being so young, and freshmen just arriving, most of our school’s newcomers don’t know what Variation Club is about.
The mission of Variation Club is to create a safe space within our school. The club advocates against bullying and discrimination. Within meetings many issues are discussed, from sexuality and religion to surviving high school and relationships. A vast scale of topics, from individuals’personal problems to societal concerns, are discussed and all members respect each other’s varying opinions.
There are some misconceptions about the club, including the labels such as, “The Gay Club.” Variation contains a variety of characters and supports all. Whether students come to support others who feel out of place, or feel that way themselves, there will be a spot for you.
Fundraisers and events are also a part of Variation Club’s agenda. Last year funds were raised for an LGBT teenage homeless shelter and the Trevor Project. Variation donated money to and attended the Out of the Darkness Walk and also participated in the Day of Silence.
This year so far, Variation had a bake sale support in Alyson Hopkins’ ultimately successful Breast Cancer Fundraiser. The club also has been raising funds for the Out of the Darkness Walk, on November 4. A hand full of members were going to participate in the walk, but it got cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but funds will still be raised for the organization. Out of the Darkness has a mission to spread suicide awareness, education, research, and honor loved ones who have died by suicide.
Variation Club is designed to be a safe haven within our school. All are welcome and we wish to see more of our underclassmen in meetings. You are the future of Wantagh High School’s clubs.