Allie Finds Her Fur-ever Home


Sarah Stephens, Reporter

After living in a cage for her entire life thus far, going from one shelter to the next, Pit bull Allie from Last Hope animal shelter finally went to a wonderful home on November 19, 2012. Allie came to last hope after giving birth to puppies. Allie watched all her pups leave her side and go to different families. Allie is not your typical dog. She is original and can never be replaced.
Allie is a pure pit bull with white and tan hair. Allie had her ups and downs at Last Hope. For some time Allie was very overweight, especially after the birth of her puppies. Allie had a strict diet; NO TREATS. Allie also had a skin condition for a while that made her neck look all irritated. These downs made it harder for her to be adopted out.
Being at Last Hope for over a year, Allie became so used to the shelter that she thought it was her forever home. Allie started to become nervous when she would leave the premise thinking something may go wrong inside, so she wouldn’t be able to protect her home.
I am so honored to have helped Allie through this past year. She was not just a dog to me, she was a friend. It is crazy watching these dogs come from such sad background stories to watching them find their real forever homes.
Allie the Pit Bull from Last Hope Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation has finally found her forever home. They say “Good things come to those who wait”. The amount of time that Allie waited for this moment is unbelievable. Good luck Allie in your new home, we will miss you very much!