Twilight – The Fifth Film in the Vampire Saga – Fans say It’s the Best

Hannah McCafferty, Reporter

The final installment of the Twilight saga premiered in November. Millions of fans rushed to theaters to say adieu to the characters who they have grown to love throughout the series. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II” brought in a whopping $141.3 million in its opening weekend and after three weeks in the theaters had grossed an amazing $268 million.

“Breaking Dawn Part II” follows Bella’s life with the Cullens after she wakes up from her fatal childbirth as a newborn vampire. Everything finally seems to fall in place for Bella and Edward. Bella discovers that she was born to be a vampire. However, all is not well in vampire world, Alice foresees that the Cullens will face an impending doom by the Volturi, the evil vampire rulers. The movie is fast-paced and laced with some humor as the Cullens prepare for battle. Much to the Twilight fans’ delight there was a surprise ending that left them shocked.

While Twilight’s new movie may not be receiving acclaim from critics the fans are defending the movie profusely as “the best one yet.” Malania Hynes, a senior at Wantagh, says on Breaking Dawn, “It totally surprised me. It was definitely my favorite movie by far. Honestly, I’d see it over and over again.”

The movie lacked its usual overbearing amount of romance, and even had a nice balance of action in it. Likewise, the cast went all out for this movie; Kristen Stewart can even be seen sporting an almost genuine smile! Sadly it seems right as the five-year craze draws to a close, the cast and crew of the movie was finally able to get the movie right. There is no doubt that if you’re a part of the bloodsucking fandom that you will be more than satisfied leaving the theatres of this movie.