Facebook Roommates

Shannan O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

Before the age of the internet and the prominence of social networking, college was an unknown territory in which college bound teenagers weren’t aware of what dorm they were going to be placed in, or who they were going to be placed with. In recent years (mostly this year), it’s been noted that kids are relying on College Facebook Pages to find a roommate and discuss dorming plans together.

Years ago, roommate placement was done the old fashioned way where the college you were attending found a roommate for you. However, this posed a problem for a lot of students who have already attended college.

“My first roommates were messy and did dirty things I didn’t approve of. If I could have chosen a roommate through Facebook and talked to them before rooming with them, I definitely would have,” said my sister Kristen, who attended her first year of college in 2004.

“My first roommate and I had problems,” Mr. Kravitz claims.

Is there really a downside to finding roommates through the internet?

Well, it’s hard to judge who a person is through their twitter page and Facebook page. Girls are making judgments about their potential roommates based off of what they look like rather than knowing their personality.

Even the best of friends who have known each other for a long time have problems in their friendship eventually, so does finding a roommate online really benefit your college life?