Facebook Goes Faceless


Alexa Cohen, Reporter

Where are all the faces on Facebook? There was a point in time where Facebook completely took over the Internet. Twitter and Instagram have officially dominated. Instagram is a much quicker way to upload pictures than Facebook ever was. Facebook is basically dead, no one even uses it anymore”, said Sara Sneddon, a sophomore from Wantagh High School.

What is Facebook still good for? Facebook’s main priority is to provide a social networking site to stay connected with family and friends. That was until the addicting apps Instagram and Twitter came along. The only thing Facebook may have that Instagram and Twitter do not, are parents. Parents stay connected through Facebook by looking through each other’s pictures to update themselves. When tweeting something, you are limited to 140 characters, which can be a good thing so you don’t get stuck reading novels about people’s day. Unlike twitter, there is no limit when posting a status on Facebook so you can go on and on not realizing that no one cares that much. Also, Instagram can now upload videos, giving teens another reason to ignore the Facebook app. Facebook is just simply not cool anymore. Facebook has become a social networking site that some teens still use but very few are excited about. Every time you go to refresh Instagram you get anxious wondering what your peers are posting pictures of.

Instagram has 90 million monthly active users and Twitter has 554 million active registered users. Even though Facebook has 1.11 billion active members, teens still feel Facebook is incomparable to Twitter and Instagram.