Ghosts on the Loose in Wantagh

Brittany Giannandrea, Reporter

Many individuals believe that ghosts exist and others are super skeptical but what’s your opinion? Some say that they have proof of ghosts and some have “proof.” I’ve had a few personal experiences with paranormal activity. WHS senior Brian Marshall has some paranormal activity in his Wantagh home. There are a few classmates who were there that can vouch for me. .

Seniors Chris Millman and Jon Sargent and I saw a figure run across the back of Brian’s fence and we all freaked out but didn’t say what happened until we caught our breath. Nobody mentioned anything, we decided it would be better if we wrote what we saw on a piece of paper in separate rooms roll the paper into a ball and exchange papers. We opened the papers up one by one and read them to ourselves. Once we opened them all we exchanged a look because we know that we saw the same thing. Nothing was in or near the back yard at that time. There was no possible way to enter the backyard or exit without us hearing or seeing a person. That sparked our interests in ghost hunting.

We plan on visiting Pilgrim State; we already went to Sweet Hallow Road which claims to be on the Top 10 haunted places on Long Island. Every time I go there I hope to see something or look for something but nothing ever happens. Every time we go there we try to freak ourselves out and hope to see something, but I have still never seen anything worthwhile.

To this day I have yet to see anything quite as scary as what I saw the night at Brian Marshall’s house. The ghost hunting television shows never show ghost. So I’m not completely sure if these places are truly haunted. Brian and I are planning to go to a haunted hotel to investigate.

Until then we will never truly know if they are really haunted or not. Most teens are very touchy with the topic of ghosts and entities because of religion or because they believe in them so much and they think that they will get an entity that will follow them if they discuss their true feelings about this topic.