The Power of Texting

The Power of Texting

Amanda Amblo, Reporter

Texting has been going a major source in a lot of young adult lives. It has been the reason for break ups, arguments, the end of friendships and relationships and it has the power to get you in trouble with your guardians/parents. There are many rules when you text someone: one, don’t put a period at the end of your sentence or that means you’re angry; two, be careful the way you say the words “ok” “okay” or “k” because that can show your giving attitude and last but not least don’t take forever to answer or that means your avoiding/ignoring them.

When I first moved here in ninth grade I always put a period at the end of my sentence, I would use exclamation marks when I was showing excitement and sometimes I would use the word “k” if I’m busy and can’t really speak. Many have asked me if I was angry, or why I was giving them attitude and all the questions left me confused. When your texting someone you can’t really tell the emotion behind it. Yes certain words could possibly be worded differently but who cares? A lot of arguments are over texting because the other person takes a sentence or a word the wrong way and it starts a petty argument which is immature and a waste of time.

Not only does texting cause unnecessary arguments but it causes many kids to be unable to have the confidence to talk socially face to face. Everyone hides behind a computer or their cell phone because they are too scared to confront you or tell you how they really feel so they rely on technology to do that for them. Many have a problem where they can’t even look you in the eye or form any coherent sentences because they need the keyboard to do the talking for them.

If I were to play devil’s advocate I would say that most kids my age hide behind technology because their either scared of rejection, scared of being humiliated and they find power from being able to say how they feel behind a cell phone without having to go through facing someone because their either too shy or just plain scared