Selfie: Is it Dictionary Worthy?


Amanda Amblo, Reporter

The Oxford Dictionary has been around since 1879 and this year the new word of the year for 2013 is “Selfie.” As a teenager even I’m appalled that they would put “selfie” in the dictionary.

The word “selfie” started because of Instagram and when young girls would take pictures of themselves and hashtag under it saying “selfie”. When you go online look up the word and type, in Oxford Dictionary they literally have ‘noun’ ‘plural’ and how it’s the most popular word of the year, it looks absolutely ridiculous and preposterous.

They are saying it became popular in 2002 when it was used in an Australian online forum then later became the main buzz stream in 2013 and that the English language has increased 17,000 percent since this time last year.

The way this country is going I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole English language disappears and we just all end up talking in slang and code. No one wants to walk around and walk by and see a group of girls taking pictures of themselves screaming “selfie.”

It makes them look immature and absurd. I understand when young adults want to take pictures to either capture that moment to either remember it or because it was important to you, I love photography but there’s a difference between taking a picture and then taking a ton of yourself and saying its “selfie time”.